Peggy Hubbard: Candidate profile

  • Peggy HubbardUS Senate Republican Candidate 2020 Illinois Primary

    Peggy HubbardUS Senate Republican Candidate 2020 Illinois Primary

Posted2/11/2020 1:00 AM


Party: Republican


City: Belleville

Office sought: U.S. Senate

Age: 55

Family: Married with six adult children and 18 grandchildren.

Occupation: Retired IRS analyst, former military, former law enforcement.

Education: High School diploma, IRS and tax code certifications and training.

Civic involvement: Republican election judge, citizen activist.

Elected offices held: None.

Incumbent? If yes, when were first elected: No.


Twitter: @PeggyHubbardIL

Facebook: @PeggyHubbardIL

Questions and Answers

1. What have the past three years of Donald Trump's unconventional leadership taught us about politics in the United States? What is the best thing his presidency has done? What is the most significant criticism you have of it?

There are multiple victories since our president has taken office. The economy is improving steadily under Trump's administration, and unemployment is at historic lows.

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He has been a great economic leader, and I plan to work with him to continue empowering the free market to grow and create jobs.

My most significant criticism during his presidency would have to be deficit spending. I understand he doesn't own this blame as he must make compromises with other Republicans and Democrats in Congress to get things passed. Still, both parties have refused to address our spending issues for years.

We need to prioritize spending and cute waste. Some federal examples of wasted tax dollars, courtesy of Sen. Rand Paul: Our government spent $15 Million studying the effectiveness of golf equipment in Space. Our government spent $43 Million on a gas station in Afghanistan that Practically no one can use. And our government allowed $158 million of Federal School Lunch Program Funds to pay for lawn sprinklers, among other things in California.

When we have veterans living on the streets, schools struggling, crumbling infrastructure, and forgotten communities, I can think of several ways we should be prioritizing spending.

2. What needs to be done to get Congress to work constructively, whether that be senators and representatives of both parties working with each other or Congress itself working with the president?

They need to cut the B.S. and political grandstanding. Democrats like Dick Durbin have been working to impeach our president since he won the election in 2016.


We need to be working together for the American people. We need to be fighting for our forgotten communities in Illinois, but politicians like Dick don't give a damn about these communities; he only cares about their votes and what helps his political party. He's been in Washington for 40 years, and do you believe our communities have gotten stronger under his watch? While he's playing politics and making deals with insiders and liberal billionaires like Warren Buffett, we have communities with crumbling infrastructure and thousands of people struggling to make ends meet due to lack of opportunity.

3. What do you see as the most important issues to address regarding immigration reform? If you oppose funding for a wall, what steps do you support to try to control illegal immigration?

I firmly oppose illegal immigration and will work with our president and Congress to secure our borders and keep our families safe. If this means more border patrol agents, more technology, or a physical barrier, I will fight to get it done and defend our border.

I support legal immigration, and the hardworking immigrants in Illinois and other parts of our country who have chosen to come legally and be an asset to our economy and our country.

We need reforms to our legal immigration system. I want to explore moving toward a more merit-based approach by giving applicants credit for such things as having a trade or technical skill, advanced degrees, English fluency, and personal savings.

These individuals are more likely to become assets to our local communities and further prosper in Illinois. We need to look at visa programs to ensure we are not only helping our businesses thrive, but we are protecting the American worker and family.

I support ending chain migration and the visa lottery program. I support President Trump's proposal to give the individuals of DACA legal status. However, I oppose giving a special pathway to citizenship for these individuals.

4. Please define your position on health care reform, especially as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.

I am not in favor socialized health care and forcing individuals to purchase coverage they don't want or need. Solutions are best found at the state level or in the free market. One-size-fits-all federal government policies inflate costs and hurt the quality of individual care.

I will continue working toward more transparency in costs and services while encouraging free-market competition to drive down costs and increase the quality and affordability of health care. Competition and innovations will benefit those purchasing private insurance as well as those using Medicare and Medicaid.

Improving affordability begins with increased transparency in treatment costs, increased tax incentives for Health Care Savings Accounts, open and competitive insurance markets across state lines, and true portability when moving from one job to another. We also need to look into layers of bureaucracy we could reform or remove. I am open to all options that are respectful of our working families, taxpayers, current retirees, our most vulnerable, and future generations to be able to choose the best health care for them.

5. What is your position on federal funding for contraception, the Violence Against Women Act and reproductive rights?

As a woman who is pro-life, I am in favor of making contraceptives more affordable and available for those who need them. I am interested in looking more into proposals about making approved forms of birth control available over the counter. I am also in favor of education to prevent unintended pregnancies. And as a woman who was a victim of domestic violence, I support funding to help victims of violence and abuse receive the help and care they need.

6. What do you consider America's role in world affairs? What are we doing correctly to fill that role? What else should we be doing?

Our economic strength, our military that is second to none, our love of freedom, and our people separate us from the rest of the world. I am a firm believer in peace through strength, but that only works if you are willing to hold your word and show strength when necessary. We should always help our allies and protect American interests abroad. However, I believe any decision to send troops to a foreign country should be made carefully and with a precise plan to accomplish the mission and come home. Many people who will vote in this election have never known a year without conflict; I pray for peace so we can change that and start prioritizing our people by building up our country and putting Illinoisans and Americans first.

7. Do you believe climate change is caused by human activity? What steps should government be taking to address the issue?

I do not believe in the effects and threats of human-made climate change the left spews out, but whether you believe in the effects of human-made climate change or not, the free market continues to address and come up with more efficient ways to do things than the government. Since scientists started studying climate change, capitalist countries have reduced their carbon emissions more than anyone else. If we cut all of our emissions in the U.S. to zero, we would only reduce things globally by around 15%. That does nothing but cost American jobs and increase utilities on our families. We need to empower local governments, individuals, and communities to do what's best for their area to help our environment. We also need to work with other countries who are willing to honor agreements and lower their emissions, instead of merely signing them as a symbolic gesture. When our country pays the lion's share and is the only serious one it does nothing but hurt our taxpayers and our economy. If a deal is honest and fair, I'll consider it, but my priority is the American people and our families who already struggle with high taxes and utility bills.

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