Jim Malone candidate profile

  • Jim Malone, Democrat running for state House District 66 in March 17, 2020 primary election.

    Jim Malone, Democrat running for state House District 66 in March 17, 2020 primary election.

Posted2/11/2020 1:00 AM


Party: Democrat


City: Carpentersville

Office sought: State Representative, House District 66

Age: 53

Family: Wife, Melissa

Occupation: SMART Local 265 sheet metal worker

Education: K-12, SMART Local 265 Apprenticeship Program (5 years)

Civic involvement: Carpentersville village trustee; treasurer Dundee Township Democrats; Democratic precinct committeeperson for Dundee 32.

Elected offices held: Carpentersville

Incumbent? If yes, when were first elected: No

Website: www.JimMalone.com

Twitter: @MaloneFor66

Facebook: @MaloneForIllinois

Questions and Answers

1. What is your position on placing a 'Fair Maps' amendment on the November ballot? If the amendment makes the ballot after the primary, will you support it? Why or why not?

Changing the Constitution is a big deal and I would have to see exactly what is being proposed. District lines should more closely follow village and geographical boundaries. In our district, boundaries include portions of many villages but not full towns and that seems ridiculous to me and it confuses voters about who represents them.

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2. What are the most important components that should be included in legislative ethics reform? What will you do to help them come to pass?

The number one concern for lawmakers should be enriching the lives of the people who send them to Springfield and not themselves. I would vote for anything that helps make government more ethical.

3. What should the state do to address the still-growing problems with its key pension programs?

Illinois must generate more revenue in order to honor our obligations and maintain a functioning level of services. I believe state lawmakers should reconsider granting tax breaks to corporations who can afford to pay. Workers faithfully pay their fair share while corporations making record profits benefit from our infrastructure and educated workforce, sometimes pay nothing.

4. Describe at least two circumstances in which you have shown or would show a willingness and capacity to act independently of the direction or demands of party leadership. Do you support term limits for majority and minority leaders in both chambers?

At this time I am getting zero support from party leadership and am beholden to no one! Thankfully I have the support of grass-roots activists in the 66th District.

I believe we have term limits, the voting booth! We need to encourage more people to vote and make it easier and more convenient. Mandating that civics classes be taught in schools was a great start.


5. What should lawmakers be doing to stem out-migration from Illinois?

There is a very serious need for good-paying jobs in our district. The kind of jobs that will provide economic security and stability to residents and build up our tax base. Needed Infrastructure improvements could bring good-paying jobs and make our district more attractive to the businesses if done thoughtfully.

The state, not the property owners, should be the primary source of revenue for school funding. I will fight to get state funds for our schools to improve the education our children receive and alleviate the burden put on property owners.

Wealthy corporations need to pay their fair share and give back to the communities that make them successful rather than take from our communities or hold us hostage to corporate tax breaks.

6. Do you believe climate change is caused by human activity? What steps should government be taking to address the issue?

I believe there is ample evidence that human activity has an impact on our climate and the changes we are experiencing. Even though this is not really a state issue, other states have signed on to the Paris Agreement even though the Trump Administration has acted irresponsibly and dropped out.

7. The graduated income tax is designed with the intent to reduce taxes for 97 percent of Illinoisans. Do you believe that will happen? Why or why not? What assurances can you offer voters?

I believe a graduated income tax structure will help with the Illinois revenue shortfall and is a more fair way of taxing income. The majority of states and the federal government agree. Middle and working-class residents have been paying more than our fair share for many years, and it's time to fix that. If our legislators are serious about providing meaningful tax relief to residents this is where to start.

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