Jamie L. Mosser: Candidate profile

  • Jamie Mosser, candidate for Kane County State's Attorney

    Jamie Mosser, candidate for Kane County State's Attorney

Posted2/11/2020 1:00 AM


Party: Democrat


City: St. Charles

Office sought: Kane County State's Attorney

Age: 42

Family: Husband -- Jameson, 3 kids -- Parker, Camile, and Vivian

Occupation: Attorney -- Mosser & Eisenmenger Law, LLC

Education: Bachelor of Science in Political Science at Illinois State University and Juris Doctorate at

DePaul University College of Law

Civic involvement: Board member for Mutual Ground, Rise from the Ashes, and the Pie Project. Committee Member for the Toy Drive for the Community Crisis Center. Pro Bono legal work for Prairie State Legal Services and the Kane County Law Library. Coach for my children for softball (prior) and volleyball (prior and current). Girl Scout Leader for my daughter.

Previous elected offices held: None.

Incumbent? No.

Website: www.mosserforkanecounty.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MosserforKaneCounty

Twitter: twitter.com/ForMosser

Questions and Answers

1. Why are you running for this office, whether for reelection or election for the first time? Is there a particular issue that motivates you? If so, what?

In my first job as a lawyer, I was lucky enough to be hired as an Assistant District Attorney with the Orleans Parrish District Attorney's Office. I worked there for two years, where I was primarily assigned to the juvenile division. Upon moving back to Illinois, I was offered a job as a prosecutor at the Kane County state's attorney's office where I worked for 10 years. While in Kane County, I worked in most of the divisions, including domestic violence, DUI, Drug Rehabilitative Court, Special Prosecution Unit (arson and auto theft), and General Felonies until I was assigned as the supervisor of the Domestic Violence Unit. As a prosecutor I sought justice in my cases. I listened to the victims, witnesses and the attorneys and recommended treatment and to protect those victims. I was open-minded and learned from my cases instead of merely seeking convictions. My goal was to keep the community safe by providing another path for defendants in order to subdue their criminal behavior. I am proud of my work as a prosecutor.

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2. If you are an incumbent, describe your main contributions. Tell us of any important initiatives you've led. If you are a challenger, what would you bring to the board and what would your priority be?

I bring years of experience, the knowledge to make necessary changes, and the passion to do justice. It is important that the elected State's Attorney come not only with the experience of being a prosecutor but also having worked in the office and the Kane County community. I have 12 years of experience as a prosecutor and have worked for 15 years as a lawyer within this community. I am uniquely qualified to deal with the needs of the office and that of my community. My priority as the State's Attorney will be to do justice. In the criminal division, we will listen to mitigation and focus on treatment. There will be a great emphasis on helping those who suffer from drug addiction and mental health issues. For violent and gun offenses we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law in order to keep our community safe. In the civil division, we will have open communication with our county leaders and the community. We will continue to advocate funding for programs that help keep our community safe. Our prosecutors will work with police officers in the community and be proactive about stopping crime.

3. What crime should be the office's top target. Drugs? Gang violence? Child sex abuse? Something else? Why? What steps will you take to address the priorities as you see them?

There are two types of crimes that will be our focus. The first are crimes related to a drug addiction or mental health issues. It is with those individuals that we will seek out treatment to stop the criminal behavior. We will also work with our community to provide resources to these individuals to help them maintain their treatment, get housing, and obtain employment so they can be productive members of society. The second will involve aggressive prosecution for violent and gun offenses. The highest priority of a State's Attorney should be ensuring the community's safety. We need to be responsive to those victimized by violent offenses. We need to prosecute in a manner that prevents further victimization, especially in gang related cases and domestic violence. We need to find the source of illegally obtained guns and get them off the streets and away from children. By diverting individuals with drug addiction or mental health issues into treatment, we can focus more on the violent and gun offenders and make our community safer.

4. Describe your position regarding the allocation of resources in the state's attorney's office. Are personnel allocated as they should be? Are there capital expense or other budgetary items that the office must address, and, if so, how do you propose to address them?

It is my belief that the prosecutors and staff members can be allocated more efficiently by following a vertical prosecution philosophy. Vertical Prosecution utilizes dedicated and specially trained prosecutors and staff members to address all phases of the criminal justice process for offenses like drugs, domestic violence, DUIs, gang and gun violence. The charging of these crimes will begin in a dedicated screening unit and in conjunction with the vertical prosecution units. The screening unit will work with our police departments and community organizations to identify and divert individuals with drug addiction and mental health issues into treatment. We must also review our current diversion programs to see if they are efficient and producing the results intended. We must investigate other diversion programs that curb criminal behavior. In the civil division, the prosecutors will be assigned to specific roles to maximize their knowledge and work product. For example, specific assistant state's attorneys will be expected to respond to county lawsuits or advise county officials. The goal would be to maximize the knowledge and experience of all employees and produce better results.

5. Name one concrete program you'll create or personnel move you'll make to improve efficiency in the office or make it more successful. Explain how it will be funded and how you will overcome any obstacles to initiating it.

I will create a Screening Division composed of experienced prosecutors who will be responsible for authorizing or denying charges, attending bond call, and working with police departments to divert individuals with mental health or drug addiction issues into treatment. Having an experienced Screening Division will provide consistency in the charging of cases, recommendations of fair bonds and suggested bond conditions. This Division will be given guidelines on charging decisions and bond recommendations. These guidelines will take into consideration the criminal history of the accused, the facts of the case, and other important factors including mental health and addiction issues. This Division will also be cognizant of the history of the criminal justice system statistically incarcerating minorities and those with lower incomes. It is imperative that the Screening Division work closely with the community and police departments to divert nonviolent individuals immediately into treatment instead of jail. Placing our focus on immediately identifying and treating the cause of the criminal behavior means that we are more likely to reduce recidivism. We will work with our community programs to assist, not only with the treatment, but also to help these individuals find jobs, housing, and other needs that encourage noncriminal behavior.

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