Gordon (Jay) Kinzler: Candidate profile


Party: Republican

City: Glen Ellyn

Office sought: U.S. House of Representatives, District 6

Age: 61

Family: Married with two adult children

Occupation: Kidney Transplant Surgeon

Education: Stritch School of Medicine

Civic involvement: Colonel U.S. Army Reserve, Previous President of Elmhurst Hospital Medical Staff, Previous Chairman of the Department of Surgery Elmhurst Hospital

Elected offices held: Previous President of Glen Ellyn Park District

Incumbent? If yes, when were first elected: No


Twitter: @DrJayKinzler

Facebook: @Dr.JayKinzler

Questions and Answers

1. What have the past three years of Donald Trump's unconventional leadership taught us about politics in the United States? What is the best thing his presidency has done? What is the most significant criticism you have of it?

The establishment career politicians are threatened by President Trump as he makes government more transparent. He has improved the economy, reduced unemployment, lowered taxes, cut regulations making them guard rails instead of roadblocks, and restored the strength and moral of our military. He should reduce the name calling.

2. What needs to be done to get Congress to work constructively, whether that be senators and representatives of both parties working with each other or Congress itself working with the president?

We need to work together to improve the lives of our constituents,

As a physician and transplant surgeon I have compassion and sensibility for others. It's part of my nature.

I am unifier and look for common ground we can work together on to get things done for our constituents. I have a track record of being the only Republican on a local government board with 6 Democrats. We accomplished a lot, worked together and lowered the property tax by over 33% during a two-year period. I'm not a career politician. I have a regular job and would be honored to be a citizen legislator with term limits.

3. What do you see as the most important issues to address regarding immigration reform? If you oppose funding for a wall, what steps do you support to try to control illegal immigration?

We are paying the huge price for illegal immigrants that have come to our country. However, it is not possible to send them all back. I will support finding a way to a path for citizenship for those in the DACA program, but this must be coupled with a more definitive immigration legislation that will prevent the influx of future third world Illegal immigrants. This should include funding of an effective southern barrier, investment in enforcement, and recruitment of state and local agencies for assistance. There should be immediate deportation of all law-breaking felons who are here illegally.

4. Please define your position on health care reform, especially as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.

Everyone should have access to good quality, affordable healthcare. With the economy improving nationally (although slower in Illinois) the unemployment rate is dropping. With more residents working, more residents will be able to obtain health insurance through their employers. Medicaid should be for those who are truly in need and have no other alternatives. Those able bodied, employable citizens should be contributing to the system.

The affordable care act has many problems and should be replaced.

Medicare is for those who earned it and payed into the system. Seniors who depend on Medicare, earned it, and have limited ability in their older years to earn income to pay for healthcare. They deserve access to care and deserve to be at the front of the line. Medicare for all is unaffordable and would bankrupt our country. It would create long waits for seniors to receive care and result in a form of rationing. Soon the program would go under and no one would receive care. It would also indirectly lead to less people motivated to find work to in order to pay for their own healthcare and increase the motivation for those to flood our borders illegally from third world nations.

5. What is your position on federal funding for contraception, the Violence Against Women Act and reproductive rights?

I favor policies that reduce the numbers of abortions. I support the Violence Against Women Act and I am pro life.

6. What do you consider America's role in world affairs? What are we doing correctly to fill that role? What else should we be doing?

The United States should foster open and free democracies throughout the world. Our form of government which is a representative republic is the best form of government the world has seen thus far. By being an example to other countries it will increase their ability to take better care of their citizens and become better trading partners and neighbors to the United States.

7. Do you believe climate change is caused by human activity? What steps should government be taking to address the issue?

The climate is always changing. It has changed throughout history of our planet. It also is changing in other planets in our solar system. Global warming seen in other planets in our solar system is obviously not caused by man. However, it is important that we are good stewards of our planet and keep it clean and healthy so that all future generations will be able to enjoy our earth. I have had a long history as a member of the environment committee in Glen Ellyn leading path cleanups, recycle events, implementation of handling of handling of asbestos, restorations of wetlands in her Park District areas in Glen Ellyn amongst other environmentally friendly projects. It is imperative that Congress keep our land water and air as clean as possible.

Congress should Protect our environment, support the search for renewable energy sources and improve our current planet friendly renewable energy sources.

Make our current energy sources cleaner to use.

We will use our scientific resources and intelligence to adapt to any threat to our globe.

Continue support and stay educated two find new solutions. The environment issues Shouldn't being used for political advantage and used to ridicule others.

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