Catalina Lauf: Candidate profile


Party: Republican

City: Woodstock

Office sought: U.S. House of Representatives IL. 14

Age: 26

Family: Father, Phillip Lauf; Mother, Luisa Lauf; Sister, Madeline Lauf.

Occupation: New Business Development with Body Wear Gear

Education: B.A. Miami University of Ohio

Civic involvement: None.

Previous elected offices held: None.

Incumbent? No.




Questions and Answers

1. What have the past three years of Donald Trump's unconventional leadership taught us about politics in the United States? What is the best thing his presidency has done? What is the most significant criticism you have of it?

The election of President Trump in 2016 was the beginning of a movement. Americans felt unheard, and were feeling the resounding effects of failed policies from the Obama administration. President Trump's disrupter persona, business mind and unconventional leadership is what got him elected - showing the much-needed tides turning in this new era of politics. In 2018, I had the honor of being appointed by President Trump to his administration to serve as an adviser at the U.S. Department of Commerce. I've seen first hand his commitment to this country, and the successes of the America First agenda. Under his leadership, we've seen record low unemployment rates, stocks are up, small businesses are flourishing and the economy is thriving. The best thing he's done is putting the United States and Americans at the forefront of every policy, whether it's cutting back deregulation and taxes, draining the swamp by unveiling the corruption that is in Washington, and ensuring our exceptionalism as the greatest country in the world is restored here and around the world. I'd like to see more focus on lowering our budget deficit.

2. What needs to be done to get Congress to work constructively, whether that be senators and representatives of both parties working with each other or Congress itself working with the president?

This Democrat-controlled Congress has completely failed the American people. Instead of working together across the aisle and with the President of the United States, representatives like Lauren Underwood play party lines and refuse to come to the table on important issues affecting constituents. Their dislike for the President supersedes their duty in serving the American people and this country. That's why they are pursuing the most un-American witch hunt impeachment hoax that our country has ever seen, wasting time and taxpayer money in the process. Work needs to be done on real kitchen table issues, such as health care reform, immigration reform and infrastructure. They only way to solve that is, frankly, by replacing them in 2020 with new members on both sides of the aisle who are committed to being productive, serious representatives who are willing to work with President to get things done!

3. What do you see as the most important issues to address regarding immigration reform? If you oppose funding for a wall, what steps do you support to try to control illegal immigration?

I am the daughter of immigrants. My mother and grandmother fled from war-torn Guatemala to find a better life in this country. But they didn't assume that life would be handed to them. They knew they had to work for it. They didn't demand this country change its laws. They went through a process to become citizens, learned English, worked 20-hour days to make a life here. Currently, immigration reform is far too politicized. There is a crisis at our southern border because Congress is failing to do its constitutional duty and solve the problem. Democrats - and Republicans - for too long have kicked the can down the road when it comes to fixing our broken system. The safety and security of our country should come first. I will help President Trump finish building the wall, secure our ports of entry, and close immigration loopholes.

4. Please define your position on health care reform, especially as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.

Obamacare was a government-based solution to human problems. It increased premium costs on millions of Americans and forced even more to lose their doctor or preferred health insurance. I think we've seen a resounding rejection of it by the American people. That said, we do need reforms. We need to protect people with preexisting conditions, we need to make sure there is more transparency in prescription drug pricing, and need to make sure Americans aren't hit with surprise catastrophic doctor bills. But the left's remedy for those issues is a Medicare-for-all, government-run health care system. We need free-market reforms and solutions. Putting the government in charge of people's health care and sticking the middle class with the bill is not the answer. Right now, no one is seriously working on finding solutions and that's what I intend to fix when I get to Congress.

5. What is your position on federal funding for contraception, the Violence Against Women Act and reproductive rights?

I am against any legislation that would be proposed on a federal level for funding contraception or abortion measures. Furthermore, Democrats snuck in a gun control measure in the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act proposed in 2019. I'm tired of Democrats holding our rights hostage to get their radical agenda passed. I am firmly against any legislation that infringes upon our 2nd Amendment.

6. What do you consider America's role in world affairs? What are we doing correctly to fill that role? What else should we be doing?

I firmly stand with the philosophy of "Peace through Strength," a philosophy which has withstood the sands of time and historically has been at the forefront of world affairs under Republican leadership. Leading by example through productive diplomacy is paramount to ensuring Peace. However, internally, the United States should have a strong military and defense. We should protect our interests across the globe and protect our friends and allies. Having said that, we are not the World's Global Police Force, either. Providing protection while the rest of the world reaps the benefits of the safety we are providing is not our job. Our allies too must contribute to their own defense. Furthermore, we must decide what our real interests are abroad, have full transparency to the American people and have a plan and an end goal in mind prior to involving ourselves. In places such as Iraq and Afghanistan we need to reduce our footprint as much as possible.

7. Do you believe climate change is caused by human activity? What steps should government be taking to address the issue?

Man-made or not, I don't believe in burdening taxpayers with a $93 trillion Green New Deal is the answer, especially while countries like China, the world's biggest polluter, go unchecked.

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