Casey Chlebek: Candidate profile

  • Casey ChlebekUS Senate Republican Candidate 2020 Illinois Primary

    Casey ChlebekUS Senate Republican Candidate 2020 Illinois Primary

Posted2/11/2020 1:00 AM


Party: Republican


City: Glenview

Office sought: U.S. Senate

Age: 71

Family: divorced and a proud father of two daughters: Michelle married to Lee Greenberg; she is a proud mother of 1 1/2 old daughter Maddie. Diana married to Ryan Walsh; she is a proud mother of 1 1/2 old daughter Sophie.

Occupation: President and Manager of the C & J Realty Management, Inc.

Education: Graduated from UICC with Major in Engineering and Minor in Computer Sciences.

Civic involvement:: Leadership roles in various civic organizations Most recently, 2-year stewardship as the Commodore of the Chicago Yachting Association (CYA), now Immediate Past Commodore; Secretary of the Polish American Leadership -- Political Action Committee (PAL-PAC); President and founder of the PNA Lodge #3279 -- Friends of JCYC; President of the Polish American Congress -- Illinois Division; National Director at Large of the Polish American Congress; Commodore of the Joseph Conrad Yacht Club (JCYC).

Elected offices held: None.

Incumbent? If yes, when were first elected: No.


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Questions and Answers

1. What have the past three years of Donald Trump's unconventional leadership taught us about politics in the United States? What is the best thing his presidency has done? What is the most significant criticism you have of it?

One must agree that the most important lesson of the Donald Trump presidency is the fact that you do need not to be trained in politics to run the country successfully. If you are successful businessman and proved yourself in your profession and in your business you can be the U.S. President. To the surprise of many experts it became obvious that common people have a high regard for speaking openly and for delivering on the promises made to them.

Many people identify his style of openness with their own. Furthermore, many of the foreign leaders approve of his open and decisive style, since they often have to resort to unconventional handling of their own internal affairs. This approach has been particularly approved by the developing world leaders in contrast to the President Obama submissive style to the position of the United States on the World stage.

Without any doubt the weakest point of his presidency is the uncontrolled use of the social media such as Twitter for communicating with his base.

2. What needs to be done to get Congress to work constructively, whether that be senators and representatives of both parties working with each other or Congress itself working with the president?

Without giving a very windy answer to this question, I will acknowledge bluntly, that unless we have a third party which represent just the middle class, will never be able to achieve a desired balance and cooperation with the President's Office. The third party will finally set in motion a new direction to work with the middle class rather than against it or against each other as is the case today.


The lack of better term, the middle class party would avoid damaging polarization in our society. The middle class party would act as the balancing agent in many a conflict resolution.

Without the third party, it will be very hard to form constructive and cooperative environment between our legislators and the President.

In either case, we must also streamline the existing legislative process, in order to remove and/or eliminate many legislative procedures which create undesirable gridlocks.

3. What do you see as the most important issues to address regarding immigration reform? If you oppose funding for a wall, what steps do you support to try to control illegal immigration?

Today, the immigration issue is the most divisive and controversial topic in the US.

We are in dire need to overhaul the entire 100-year old immigration system. As a general guiding principle, we must agree, that they should work in concert with and for the benefit of our economy.

The utopian vision that we should lead or save the entire world from existing imminent dangers, simply put, it is unrealistic. We cannot save the entire world, but we should, in a controlled manner, adopt our immigration policies to serve our national interests. The first change we should adopt is to get rid of the illusionary 'Visa Lottery' program which invites immigration verification nightmare and seriously undermines our qualification criteria. The new immigration laws should allow for managed recruitment service centers for new immigrants inside the participating countries. The applying immigrants should be screened to meet our preestablished criteria. The borders should be used only for the control of legal immigration.

When correctly implemented, and when we utilized the most modern technologies to control our borders, the "physical wall" will become irrelevant.

We must be in control of our immigration quotas as required by our economic needs.

Also, our goal should be first to recognize the fact that our neighboring countries, Mexico and Canada, should be treated in a preferential manner based on the nearly two century-old Monroe doctrine -- "America for Americans." No one should have a right to demand that we apply universally policies to the entire world when our own neighbors are first in line.

4. Please define your position on health care reform, especially as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.

The biggest health care threat to our nation is the constant drive toward the single payer system run under the total control of the government. Such practices create very expensive administrative and distribution of services.

The government role must be limited and it we desire the health system to be under a fiscal control, we must have it managed by the private industries which are engage in the competitive bidding for the most cost effective services.

Irrespective of the name of the health program, to remain solvent we must very, very carefully examine them all for the benefit of future generations. Let's do not spend the money we do not have! Please do remember that governments are not good at creating money, they excellent at spending and distributing someone's money.

5. What is your position on federal funding for contraception, the Violence Against Women Act and reproductive rights?

Most definitely, I support the use of contraceptives, but I do not support federal funding for the contraceptives. Any funding which comes from the private sources is acceptable but the Government should not be charged for your expense for your personal pleasure. I do not consider paying for contraceptives on the same basis as funding for the preventive medicine.

I wholeheartedly support the Violence Against Women Act, although, I would rather see the Act funded by the private sources rather than the Federal Government. Although, I fully agree with the reproductive rights of women/couples but I do not subscribe to the use of abortion as the means of exercising the reproductive rights.

6. What do you consider America's role in world affairs? What are we doing correctly to fill that role? What else should we be doing?

The United States, especially since the end of World War II, has become the dominant player on the world stage. To support our interests, we created a vast worldwide network of military bases.

Such state of affairs cannot last forever without straining the resources of the country, which in many cases leads to a collapse of the country's power status. The United States is no different, and currently our worldwide military presence is most definitely impacting our available resources.

The easiest way to reduce the strain on our resources, is to reduce the military under command. Undoubtedly, we can pursue such course of action due to the fact our military is the most advanced technologically and as long as we are very successful in weaponizing each fighting soldier. We can do much more with a smaller force. But in the end, we must also alter our strategies of conflict resolution and of eliminating threats. The use of drone technology should be exploited to its fullest potential. President Obama started to use drones very effectively to eliminate the Al-Qaeda threat, without the use of our ground forces.

We must also push to the limits our intelligence and surveillance capabilities before we send new soldiers into faraway places.

Finally, our interests and goals abroad can be achieved not just by keeping our soldiers in foreign lands, but by 'conquering' the countries of interest economically, and by offering them cooperation in a variety of nonmilitary programs and soft diplomatic solutions.

7. Do you believe climate change is caused by human activity? What steps should government be taking to address the issue?

Our earth's climate goes through such cycles and this time is no different.

On the balance, it does not mean that we should not curb the CO2 emissions, but we must be careful and cautious when addressing the issue since there is no magic bullet. Principally and under no circumstances we should not jeopardize our own job markets to solve the problems of the entire world.

All of the well-meaning environmentalists should take a very close look at the world polluters to recognize the obvious: the United States, and Western Europe are the environmental leaders of the World.

I find it ridiculous that we rush to close our coal mines and leave tens of thousands of people without any dignity for their work ethics of many a generation. Any planned reductions of jobs under any circumstances should always be phased in over a long period of time without disturbing the livelihood of the working people such as it currently implemented in Germany.

If the environmentalists are really concerned about the issue of our environment, first and foremost, they should put the world on the notice to eliminate plastic packaging, bottles and other mass produced plastic utility items first to save the planet, since not just rivers, but also our oceans show the scourge of the plastic pollution which results in the destruction of the marine life. Save the planet yes, but first, save the United States.

Let the others to do their own homework as well! Our mission is limited and we cannot save the entire world.

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