Believe Project: $100 to help a friend experiencing difficulties

Daily Herald report
Updated 12/13/2019 6:27 AM

Today's recipient of a $100 bill through our Believe Project is Michael Corley of Hawthorn Woods. Here is his story ...

"My dear friend, Olga, is going through a very difficult time in her life. She is a divorced mother of two great girls. One is a senior in college and the other is a freshman in college.


"Olga has been battling Stage 4 colon cancer that has metastasized to her lungs and liver. Her initial chemo treatments didn't help much, so she was put into a clinical trial for a new chemo drug. That didn't help, so she is now on an experimental drug therapy.

"In an effort to pay her medical bills and help her daughters with their college expenses, she depleted her savings and now has leveraged the equity in her home to the point she has no equity left.

"Olga is a very generous person who is always willing to help others, but is too proud to accept help for herself. I do what I can to help out, but any additional help would be greatly appreciated."

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