Departing FBI chief touts work against corrupt politicians

Updated 9/5/2019 6:12 PM

Nearly two years ago, as Jeffrey Sallet prepared to take over as the leader of the FBI's Chicago field office in 2017, he said the city's struggle with gun violence already kept him up at night.

Now, on his way out, Sallet said he still loses sleep about violent crime and other mass acts of violence. What doesn't keep him up at night, he said, is another topic that has roared back into the headlines during his tenure -- public corruption.


"I don't lose sleep about the corruption," Sallet said in an exit interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. "The people that are corrupt public officials, I assure you, are losing sleep about us. And I think that's more evident now."

Sallet is set to leave Chicago later this month for a new job in Washington, D.C., where he said he will essentially serve as chief financial officer and chief property officer for the FBI. Though he's leaving town, he said he has fallen in love with Chicago and hopes to return when his career at the agency is done.

His successor has yet to be announced.

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