Elk Grove mayor's Day 1 diary from the Bahamas Bowl

  • Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl

    Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl

  • Craig Johnson

    Craig Johnson

By Craig Johnson
Special to the Daily Herald
Updated 12/18/2018 9:41 AM

Welcome from the Bahamas.

We're at the Atlantis, home for this year's Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl. We're all checked in. Right now we're downstairs, where tomorrow night at this time the two football teams will be battling it all with Elk Grove's very own Stern Pinball machines. There'll be a contest between the two teams, not only to see which one is the best football team, but which team is the best pinball player.


So we're excited about this. It couldn't be better. We're excited. It's all they're talking about at the Bahamas Bowl down here. We're looking forward to a great time.

Editor's Note: Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson is sending a daily journal from Nassau, Bahamas in advance of the Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl, to be played Friday, Dec. 21. The village spent $300,000 to sponsor the college football bowl game, which uses the village's business marketing tagline.

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