Last Kiss author's note

Updated 4/19/2018 10:05 AM

The story of Patty & Corey is a series within the Last Kiss series -- our own original reporting and writing that is combined into a larger series with first-person accounts submitted by suburban widows and widowers.

Ultimately, the story of Patty & Corey is a story of Patty Hindes' grief and healing.


The first part focused on the crash that claimed Corey's life. We led with that because to understand Patty's grief, it's necessary to understand the trauma that provoked it.

The second part dealt with their love story because it's necessary to understand what she is grieving.

Today's third part focuses on that grief, the relentlessness of it and glimpses at her healing.

The fourth installment, due to publish Friday, focuses on her mission to sustain the barbershop Corey owned. It is the final part because it represents renewed purpose, a necessary element of healing.

-- John Lampinen

April 19, 2018

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