Garbage, recycling fees going up in Mundelein

Updated 9/29/2017 1:11 PM

Mundelein residents are going to have to pay a little more for garbage removal and recycling starting next week.

Under the village's exclusive contract with Groot Industries, the Elk Grove Village company is boosting the price of its services in town by 2 percent.


As of Sunday:

• Unlimited curbside garbage removal will cost $22.03 a month, up from $21.60.

• Senior-citizen garbage removal will cost $19.83 a month, up from $19.44.

• Limited curbside garbage removal will cost $18.11, up from $17.75. This service is for people who produce less trash and request a 65-gallon trash container instead of the standard 95-gallon container.

• Limited curbside garbage removal for senior citizens will cost $16.30, up from $15.98.

• Recycling services without garbage removal will cost $7.70 a month, up from $7.55.

• Stickers for pay-by-the-bag garbage removal will cost $2.69, up from $2.55.

• Stickers for yard waste removal will cost $2.60, up from $2.55.

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• The annual yard-waste subscription will cost $104.06, up from $102.02.

These rates apply to single-family houses as well as multifamily homes such as apartment or condominium buildings. Altogether, Groot has about 8,500 residential customers in Mundelein, said Adam Boeche, Mundelein's public works and engineering director.

Businesses are not covered by the exclusive agreement, so their owners can choose Groot or another firm for garbage removal services.

Groot has had exclusive contracts for residential garbage removal and recycling in Mundelein since 2009.

The current contract was negotiated in 2016 and expires in 2022, Boeche said.

That contract reduced the cost of unlimited curb service and recycling for the first year by 9 percent, Boeche said.

"Even with this (new) increase, the cost of unlimited curb and recycling service for Mundelein residents is the lowest cost since 2011," he said.

Boeche said village officials understand that operational costs increase for all organizations. Village hall works with contractors to minimize the impact on consumers, he said.

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