Suburban legislators respond to Senate income tax vote

Here's how suburban state senators responded Tuesday to the vote to approve a major income tax increase:

Pamela Althoff, McHenry Republican

"I couldn't vote for something that permanently raises taxes and does nothing to address the fundamental issues that plague our state. This budget plan does not help taxpayers and does not attract new people and businesses to this state. There is more work to be done to ensure that we are working in the best interest of all Illinois residents."

Melinda Bush, Grayslake Democrat

"Today, the Senate Democrats once again chose to restore stability and certainty to Illinois by passing a balanced budget that will prevent the closure of University Center of Lake County, restores funding to social service providers and ensures our schools open on time this fall."

Cristina Castro, Elgin Democrat

"We have done the job and passed a balanced budget. Our schools need to open this fall, our state universities need state funding and Illinois families deserve an end to this chaos. I urge the governor to do his job, sign the budget and bring stability to the state."

Michael Connelly, Naperville Republican

"Under the budget plan that passed today, families and businesses will be paying more in taxes and getting nothing in return. The income tax will rise by 32 percent, but nothing has been done to reduce property taxes, overhaul our uncompetitive workers' compensation system or address our $130 billion pension debt. This plan will not attract new people or businesses to our state. I know that we all want this budget impasse to end, but I could not vote for a plan that is detrimental to taxpayers and repeats past mistakes."

Tom Cullerton, Villa Park Democrat

"DuPage County has close to the highest property taxes in the country. For us now to put an income tax hike on working men and women, middle-class workers, especially in my district, is just not something I can vote for and not something I feel my residents can handle."

Linda Holmes, Aurora Democrat

"The budget that we approved and sent to the governor's desk today includes over $2.5 billion in responsible cuts. It also provides funding that will restore stability, which has been absent for more than two chaotic years, to state government. A full-year budget will allow social service providers, institutions of higher learning and government agencies to operate with more certainty. I call on Gov. Rauner to stop the political games and sign the budget that we have approved."

Terry Link, Vernon Hills Democrat

"This balanced budget shows social service providers, schools and the people of Illinois that we are starting to repair the damage done. This is not the end of the work, but I am hopeful that today's actions show that we are all serious about putting Illinois back at the top of its game."

Dan McConchie, Hawthorn Woods Republican

"Raising taxes and failing to address any of the fundamental issues that plague our state is detrimental to taxpayers. We've seen this before, and it doesn't work. This is the exact same failed approach the state took in 2011 - increase taxes without addressing the underlying issues hurting our state. Continuing the mistakes of the past will not bring us a brighter future. This budget plan is bad for businesses and especially bad for families, and it certainly isn't attracting people and businesses to Illinois."

Karen McConnaughay, St. Charles Republican

"I had real hope that we were going to come together to pass a budget, along with reforms. that would put us back on track to fiscal solvency. We had an amazing opportunity before us to come together and create a better future for our children and grandchildren. Instead, what we got was more of the same kinds of actions that got us here in the first place."

Julie Morrison, Deerfield Democrat

Did not release a statement or immediately respond to a call seeking comment.

Chris Nybo, Elmhurst Republican

"I could not support the package presented in the Senate today. A 32 percent permanent income tax increase and a budget that contains none of the reforms necessary to make it work is not the way to go. The people of my district are desperate for property tax relief - and get nothing from this package. We need a comprehensive solution that includes reforms that help us create jobs and a fair and equitable school funding formula. We can and should do better."

Jim Oberweis, Sugar Grove Republican

"After months of seemingly good-faith negotiations and progress based on the merits of the bills, this is what it all boils down to ... a return to partisan power plays. The package approved today has too much of tax increases and not enough of spending cuts, and very little in meaningful structural reforms. It is a return to the good-old, bad-old days. What a disappointment that after all our good work, this is how it ends."

Tom Rooney, Rolling Meadows Republican

"Countless hours of hard work and negotiations fell by the wayside today with lawmakers choosing false promises over real progress. A permanent tax increase without critical structural reforms is woefully shortsighted. Illinoisans have shouldered the majority's tax-and-spend policies for too long, and the longer we allow for more of the same, the heavier that burden becomes."

Melinda Bush
Cristina Castro
Michael Connelly
Tom Cullerton
Linda Holmes
Terry Link
Dan McConchie
Karen McConnaughay
Julie Morrison
Chris Nybo
Jim Oberweis
Tom Rooney
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