Chainsmokers surprise Huntley High School prom-goers

Huntley High School students were the audience for a surprise performance by EDM duo The Chainsmokers during the school's prom Saturday.

Band members Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall announced on Twitter their plans to stop by the dance at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Rosemont — just across from the Allstate Arena, where The Chainsmokers played later that night.

“Just crashed Huntley High School's prom! That was awesome! Have a good rest of prom,” the duo posted on Twitter Saturday.

Unbeknown to students, however, the surprise 10-minute performance was put into motion weeks ahead of time, Huntley High School Principal Scott Rowe said. An email from a student, who is also a Chainsmokers fan, struck a chord with Taggart and Pall, who played the show for free as a favor to the prom-goers.

“About two weeks ago I got this random phone call that I happened to answer, and on the other end this person said 'This is going to be the strangest call you've ever received, but one of your students actually sent an email to the manager of the band ...'” Rowe said.

Crashed this prom just now. It was across the street from our arena show, so why not :); THE CHAINSMOKERS (@TheChainsmokers) April 30, 2017

The caller on the other end of the line was a filmographer associated with The Chainsmokers, and plans were finalized within two weeks.

#8220;It was probably the toughest secret I've ever kept, because I knew the kids were going to go crazy for it,#8221; Rowe said.

The principal's silence paid off, however, when the duo sneaked onstage about 7 p.m., shortly after the dance began, and played their single #8220;Closer,#8221; he said.

#8220;They just kind of came from backstage and just started performing 'Closer.' The kids weren't exactly sure what was going on,#8221; Rowe said. #8220;About three words in somebody screamed 'That's The Chainsmokers!' and they just bum-rushed the stage. It says a lot about those guys and how cool they are to their fans.#8221;

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