Dogs on leash not best scenario for playtime

Published5/20/2009 12:01 AM

Q. When I walk my Maltese in my neighborhood and chat with neighbors, their big dogs stomp all over my little dog. How can I stop this?

- Dale McNamara, Woodfield


A. Dog ownership is a big responsibility. Each dog parent needs to recognize the size, limitation and temperament of his dog.

While some onus is on the large dog owner to keep their animals at bay, you also must realize the risk and act on behalf of your dog. A dog-friendly neighborhood is a wonderful thing, but chit chatting with neighbors while your dog is leashed may not provide the safest scenario for your pet.

A thought is to cross the street or chat with friends later, another suggestion is to pick your dog up when greeting your friend, before any interaction.

Remember: dog play isn't the best mix while two dogs are leashed. Events can escalate and quickly lead to dog injuries and people being bitten.

Be responsible and keep safe.

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