Carpentersville cops will wait tables, get tips for charity

Published8/10/2008 12:01 AM

We're all familiar with the motto most often associated with police enforcement - "to protect and serve."

On August 16, that "serve" part will include ButterBurgers and frozen custard.


Members of the Carpentersville Police Department will hold their first "Tip a Cop" fundraiser at Culver's on Randall Road. From 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., officers will deliver food orders to dine-in customers in hopes of a "tip" that will then be donated to the Special Olympics.

Beth Accomando, evidence technician for the department who also coordinates Special Olympics fundraising efforts, says they hope to raise about $1,000 to $1,500. Funds will be added to what they have already raised this year through the Cop on Top event at Dunkin' Donuts, their annual Motorcycle Run and a Bowl-A-Thon at Liberty Lanes in Carpentersville. Their donations for the year, said Accomando, will be in the neighborhood of $10,000.

So go ahead and order a side of cheese curds or an extra topping on your sundae. It's for a good cause.

New zoo revue: Judging by television commercials and direct mail, it's definitely the season-within-a-season time - back to school, that is.

If you've got little ones feeling left out of the quest for the coolest backpack or slickest folders, the Dundee Township Park District may have just what you need to keep those who stay behind busy during the day.

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Within the pages of the fall program brochure are 41 new nature and zoo programs. Kath Ellinghausen, who coordinates the nature, zoo and environmental programs, says although it was not exactly intentional, they are excited about offering more new programs than ever before. She credits instructors Katie Meyer and Linda Butts for all of the new ideas.

"It wasn't that we were like 'Wow, things are really bad; we need to fix them.' It was like, 'Hey look at all this new stuff I came up with.' It wasn't really purposeful. It's that everyone got really creative. There was a great flurry of creativity," said Ellinghausen.

The programs about nature and animals usually include a craft, activity, snack and music. There also are a number of programs that focus on American Indian culture, such as "Corn is Maize," "Tribal Masks," "Dream Catchers" and "Feathered Headband & Story."

Ellinghausen says that new programs start with a new idea.

"It takes a really good idea. Then you come up with a plan for activities, games, learning experiences, concepts, books, snacks, crafts."


Classes are offered both during the week and on Saturdays at the Randall Oaks Zoo, the Zoo Classroom and the Randall Oaks Park-Centerville Schoolhouse.

The resident registration deadline is Tuesday and the lottery will be held Wednesday. The non-resident deadline is Aug. 19, but registration remains open until classes are filled. Programs begin Sept. 8.

For information, call the park district at (847) 428-7131 or visit

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