Signature Bank converts to dot bank domain to bolster security for customers

  • Anne Doligale

    Anne Doligale

Updated 10/12/2017 1:51 PM

Chicago-based Signature Bank recently made the transition to the more secure dot bank domain ( to offer our customers one of the most protected online communication experiences available. Only verified banks that meet robust security technologies and practices can register a dot bank website or email, thereby minimizing the ability of fraudsters and cybercriminals to engage in spoofing or phishing attacks.

A recent survey by CNBC found that 14 million businesses are at risk of a hacker threat. While large corporations may be able to spend millions of dollars on cybersecurity, many middle-market businesses do not have the resources necessary to fend off the increasingly sophisticated tactics of hackers and fraudsters. At Signature Bank, we wanted to further protect our business and personal customers in countering those attacks by moving to this more protected domain.


Key benefits of the dot bank domain:

• Available only to verified financial institutions

• Registrations are vetted with background checks on bank personnel

• Servers prevent duplication or spoofing of website URL

• Email authentication protects against phishing and spoofing

Visitors to our dot bank website still have the same seamless interaction they've always had, now with an extra layer of protection. Users who visit our former URL are automatically redirected to the new site. And, when a customer receives an email from a dot bank address, they know that the communication is from a trusted and verified institution.

Signature Bank has gone to great lengths to educate our customers and employees about fighting fraud because we know they are on the front lines. We regularly communicate the importance of vetting emails, avoiding unknown links and attachments, and continually strengthening passwords. Signature's use of technology to support and improve the customer experience has been a mainstay of our philosophy since our inception. From our mobile app to our remote deposit scanner, these technologies help our customers work more efficiently so they can focus on the job of managing their business.

Signature Bank has always maintained a zero-tolerance policy for fraud and now we are proud to be one of the first banks in Chicago to convert to dot bank to further bolster protections for our customers. Visit the Signature Bank website at to find out more.

• Anne Doligale is senior vice president at Signature Bank.

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