Not Just Numbers People, People People Why Our Firm Decided to Share Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

  • Deanna Salo

    Deanna Salo

By Deanna Salo
Cray, Kaiser Ltd.
Updated 11/13/2020 4:28 PM

A lot has changed at Cray, Kaiser Ltd. (CK) since I joined in 1986. We've grown in size, expanded our services and expertise, branched out internationally and seen seemingly endless changes to tax laws and business strategies.

But what hasn't changed is our core beliefs. As an accounting and tax partner to family and closely held businesses, we define success differently than others. We believe our success hinges on our clients' successes. Our underlying culture has always been called "The CK Way," and last year we decided it was time to document our core beliefs more concretely.


Members of our team were tasked with defining our mission, vision and core values, because who better than the people who live them each day? We all seemed to inherently know how we strive to treat each other and collaborate with our clients -- but how could we define it for those just getting to know us? How could we unify our team around common goals and ambitions in a more direct manner?

Over the course of a few months, a small group workshopped words inspired by their experiences and anecdotes. In the end they presented our full team with our shared mission, vision and five core values. As soon as we read each sentiment, we felt it was important for us to share it publicly. We've always said that we're not just numbers people, we're people people.

The relationships we build each day drive our success, and this is certainly embodied in our guiding principles. Whether you're a member of our staff, a valued client, a trusted partner or a community member, we think each component will resonate with you.

Our mission

To be the team of trusted advisers for companies and individuals, empowering them to succeed financially and in all aspects of their businesses.

Our vision

A community of businesses and individuals that are proactive, educated and empowered.

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Our core values

Education: We believe in lifelong learning. The best way to be successful is to empower yourself with knowledge -- and then share it with your team and clients.

Integrity: We embody accuracy and sincerity through our work and our actions.

People: We value the person. Everybody on our team has something to offer to the success of our clients and our firm.

Care: We believe the work we do matters because of the people and the businesses it impacts.

Trust: We take pride and ownership in our work, elevating us as teammates and as trusted advisers.

Now that we officially have these words to live by, our team has embraced "The CK Way" even more. We've incorporated them into our routine by displaying them in our conference room, referencing them in staff meetings, and speaking about them in videos on our website. We're proud of our team for living these values and working together to achieve our mission and vision.


Do our values align with yours? We're always looking for clients and team members who share our values, are inspired by our mission, and believe in our vision. To learn more about CK, we invite you to visit

With more than 45 years in public accounting -- and special expertise in closely held and family-owned businesses -- Cray Kaiser provides services ranging from assurance and tax to QuickBooks support to valuations and consulting.

• Deanna Salo, CPA, is principal at Cray, Kaiser Ltd.

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