FBI technology upgrades benefit financial industry Coming soon -- FBI "Rap Back" for all federally chartered banks

  • Peggy Critchfield

    Peggy Critchfield


FBI Rap Back background check service, available soon through Accurate Biometrics, allows a bank to receive updated criminal history records on FBI fingerprint-based background inquires. Presently, fingerprint checks returned to a bank from the FBI do not get updated if changes occur in the criminal record.

Why fingerprint-based background checks?

The FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI) database is only available through fingerprint-based background checks submitted by authorized FBI Channelers, such as Accurate Biometrics, for federally chartered banks. The FBI response or Rap Sheet returned to the client is based on biometric identifiers and includes all unique names reported at the time of arrest based on the matching fingerprint algorithms. It contains all identity and criminal history records reported to the FBI.

FBI NGI August 2018 Fact Sheet Statistics:

• The FBI NGI database contains the fingerprints of 136.5 million individuals (both civil and criminal).

• The average response time of the Tenprint Rapsheet Request (TPRS) system is less than 20 seconds.

What is a "Rap Sheet" or FBI response of an identity history summary background check?

A Rap Sheet, or criminal record is the response returned by the FBI. It is based on fingerprint submissions received and retained in the FBI NGI database. An FBI rap sheet may also contain disposition data which is not fingerprint-based. The rap sheet may include information reported to the FBI from any source including local, state and federal agencies who submit fingerprint-based transactions to the FBI for retention. The rap sheet is only a snapshot in time, containing retained information at the time of the inquiry. The rap sheet includes reported arrests, dispositions and incarcerations. The FBI rap sheet may also contain "wanted" or "warrant" information reported from other law enforcement entities.

What is a "Rap Back"?

The Rap Back (Record of Arrest and Prosecution) allows banks to continuously receive updates from the FBI if there are any additions or updates to an FBI record on file. Banks can receive ongoing status notifications of any criminal and noncriminal history reported to the FBI after the initial processing and retention of the enrollment fingerprint transaction.

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Why Accurate Biometrics?

Based in Itasca, Illinois, Accurate Biometrics is a leader in live scan fingerprinting known for its ability to develop technology and customize services to support industry demands. Accurate Biometrics has nearly 20 years of experience serving Federal, State, and Corporate clients.

Our expertise provides a solution-based approach to meeting the fingerprint-based background checks needs of the retail bank industry.

Among the services Accurate Biometrics can assist the industry with are:

• Fingerprint Collection and Processing

• FBI (ABA) Direct Channeling Services

• FINRA Electronic Fingerprint Processing

• Custom Integration for Applicant Tracking Systems via Secure RESTful API's

For more information on how Accurate Biometrics can facilitate and streamline your fingerprint requirements, contact Jimmy Critchfield, director, government sales and partnerships at (708) 887-9245, jvcritchfield@accuratebiometrics.com or AccurateBiometrics.com.

• Peggy Critchfield is chairman & CEO of Accurate Biometrics.

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