Autumn is warm and cozy season

Set the mood for your family to chill out

During the fall and winter, you'll likely be staying inside more to escape the cold and get warm and comfortable. Prepare you home decor - specifically chairs and couches - to match the pleasant mood.

Snuggle up to the "it" fabrics of autumn and winter.

"Cozy fabrics such as suede and velour will be popular for couches, as well as textures such as boucle," says Ben Hyman, co-founder and CEO of Revival Rugs, noting warm tones will be popular, including shades of beige, brown, burgundy, burnt orange and gold.

Add in accent pieces such as plush throws and throw pillows made out of cashmere, alternative mink, Berber fleece, velvet and wool.

"Accessories such as pillows and blankets in coordinating colors and textures can add extra warmth and coziness to a space," says interior designer John Linden of

Pillows are a great way to add pizzazz on a budget. Now's the time to swap out your regular, everyday throw pillows for seasonal selections. Mix and match your fall and winter faves, or stick to one color or a theme. When the season is over, you can easily stash the pillows away until next year.

Weigh your options

"People want cozy comfort more so now than ever, after the last couple of years," says Sara Van Bemmeken of Fun and Function, a company that specializes in kid-friendly sensory tools.

She recommends keeping a weighted blanket or pillow as part of your cozy seating arrangement, calling it "the ideal way to soothe people's sensory systems so that they can fully relax."

According to the Cleveland Clinic, weighted blankets may help reduce anxiety. Filled with glass beads or plastic pellets, the blankets are based on the idea of gentle pressure, such as that given by a hug, which may be soothing.

Less is more

While you're mixing in warm elements, don't feel pressured to have lots of furniture and accessories in your living room or family room.

"Spaces won't be crowded with furniture," says Hyman. "Instead, consumers will make their living rooms appear larger by having only a few inviting pieces."

Still, it's smart to have some extra seating options available for when you're entertaining. While folding chairs and dining chairs are nice to have, you can elevate the look with a bench adorned with holiday decorations such as seasonal pillows or a throw blanket.

Next, invest in a few pouf chairs, which can look like fabric-covered ottomans, cubes, etc. They're colorful and available in many price points and fabrics, including chenille, knit, cotton, leather, velvet and more. The poufs make for great decor and can double as a small side table if you put a tray on top.

Keep a basket nearby with additional blankets, pillows and even slipper socks.


Set the stage for your seating areas.

"When creating a cozy sitting area for fall/winter celebrations, it is important to consider the lighting," says Linden. "Candles and fireplaces can create a warm and inviting atmosphere."

Create a feeling of warmth with seasonal lights such as Christmas lights, as well as market lights and a series of flameless candles.

Chair dress-up

Get creative with your own DIY chair covers (Pinterest has lots of ideas) or buy them from crafters online, such as on Etsy.

Chair covers are a colorful and festive way to dress up chair backs, seats and legs. For example, fall chair covers may have scarecrows, pumpkins and foliage, while Christmas chair leg covers may look like elves' feet. Chair backs can be adorned with snowmen, trees and Christmas presents and even look like wrapped gifts. Seasonal chair cushions in fall and winter colors and motifs also provide style and comfort.

With all of these seating ideas, you'll be ready to tell friends and family to "pull up a seat."

Add seasonal pillows to your seating area for a cozy and festive feel. Courtesy of Pixabay/Creators
Add seasonal pillows to your seating area for a cozy and festive feel. Stock Photo
Surround yourself in fall colors and a warm throw. Stock Photo
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