Have a COVID-safe Halloween

  • Wearing a mask is still recommended for Halloween this year.

    Wearing a mask is still recommended for Halloween this year. Stock Photo

By Timothy A. Nelson
Amita Health
Posted10/23/2021 7:00 AM

Here we are. Halloween once again and COVID-19 is still with us. But with decreasing cases in the area, Halloween doesn't have to be quite so scary this year.

We've got a little more freedom than last year -- the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has lifted the prohibition it had placed on trick-or-treating last year due to the virus. However, doctors and health officials still recommended taking the standard added precautions we've come to know all too well, including masking -- it is Halloween, after all -- keeping trick-or-treat and party groups small and maintaining a proper social distance.


Things are better this year, but now is not the time to let our guard down, doctors agree. However, added precautions don't mean your family has to completely miss out on the spooky fun.

It helps that most Halloween activities are outdoors and, for the most part, interaction can be limited. Candy can be handed out safely while masked and may even be left out for kids to take on the honor system. Wrapped candy has low risk of retaining the virus from person to person.

Wearing a mask is still recommended for Halloween this year.
Wearing a mask is still recommended for Halloween this year. - Stock Photo

Health professionals are encouraging parents to show enthusiasm for the new plans and ideas, as well as sympathize with their children if they are experiencing sadness because certain things can't happen this Halloween. This is a great chance to teach kids to bounce back and that new can be fun and exciting.

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In addition, some suggestions for a COVID-19 safe Halloween include:

• Decorating the house and yard, including your children in the planning and execution.

• Holding virtual costume contests with friends and family.

• Making fun Halloween foods and treats to celebrate all week long.

• Planning a car parade through the neighborhood, so kids can show off their costumes safely.

• Placing lots of wrapped treats in your open vehicle trunk, allowing kids to pick them up from a safe social distance.

One additional suggestion is encouraging your kids to donate small Halloween gift bags with wrapped goods to children's hospitals or other agencies serving children to make their Halloween brighter, say child phycologists. This is a good way to teach children the importance of supporting one another and giving back.

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