Scholarship program's loss unwise - and costly

It is outrageous that the governor and Illinois Democrats are allowing the Invest in Kids Scholarship Tax Credit Program to expire. This program currently provides the means for over 10,000 children from low income families to attend private schools. These private schools are providing students with a far superior education than is available in their local public schools.

Proponents of eliminating the program base their position on the loss in tax revenue. This is nonsense.

The increase in tax revenue received from the elimination of the tax credit will not begin to cover the $24,000 spent on each student returning to the public schools.

So not only are the children destined to receive an inferior education, but the overall net cost to taxpayers will be higher.

These Democrat politicians are sacrificing children's education while increasing costs to taxpayers in order to appease the teacher's union.

Shame on them.

Jim Guzzaldo

St. Charles

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