Seeking common sense on guns

In order for you to understand my outlook concerning the gun situation, I think a review of my background would be beneficial.

I am a 76-year-old Vietnam veteran who was one of the few that enlisted into the Army instead of waiting to be drafted or fleeing the country. Because I enlisted, I put in three years of service instead of the two years had I been drafted.

During basic training, I found out that I was eligible for officers candidate school due to my test scores. I did not make it past the board, because I strongly suspect that since I was only 120 pounds and 5 foot 8 inches, I did not project their image of a potential leader. Much later in my enlistment, I became a non commissioned officer.

It is beyond my comprehension that after witnessing the rioting (which was ignored by big city officials), the early release of convicted felons, the refusal by the state's attorney to prosecute accused criminals, calls for defunding the police and now a law authorizing cashless bail - that there are still calls for victim disarmament.

Common sense tells me that all the anti-gun laws that have been passed since 1934 have not only failed to reduce crime but may have in fact encouraged more crime. What does it take for some people to realize that criminals do not obey any laws. The most ridiculous laws are "gun free zones."

Edward Czepczynski

West Dundee

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