Questions to answer

Maybe (a big maybe), could we get the attention of people, maybe thinking and maybe even doing something, with questions like these:?

1. With all our gun-related deaths ranging from suicide and other individual murders all the way to gang wars and the mass murders of children in school, is this what you want?

2. Noting the above, would you say what we're doing and/or not doing is working? Einstein said, "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity." Or something like that.

3. With your thoughts on your answers, are you willing to consider even modest proposals to consider laws:

a. to keep the worst of the worst from having and using guns?

b. to keep weapons of war from common ownership and usage?

c. with heavy and harsh punishment for illegal and careless use of guns?

d. others? Lots of others.

Some random thoughts:

a. I remember in the military, we were told our weapons are to kill. Never wave a gun around or pull or aim it to scare someone.

b. Experts have said for years a shotgun will give you better results with a home invasion especially at night in the dark. You don't need or want machine guns.

c. Training with weapons is mandatory.

d. How'd it work in the "Old West" with open carry and that holster on your side?

e. Again, others ...

Good luck with the effort on this. A cynic here thinking I probably wasted a good half-hour with my effort.

Bill Burns

South Elgin

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