Letter: Trump and Putin

Updated 6/12/2023 11:55 AM

Recently former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was stunned that former President Trump refused to take sides in the Russia-Ukraine war. I was not, even though I voted for the man twice -- in lieu of the at the time seemingly worse alternatives.

Why is nobody paying attention to or even remembering the Helsinki meeting in Finland? This is where Trump met with Putin to solve the world's problems. The stunning thing that happened there is that Trump sent his lieutenants and assistants out and Putin did the same. So, these two leaders were alone except, I guess, for a couple of interpreters.


Why would anybody send out their lieutenants, who could help remember what was talked about? The only reason could be that Mr. Putin "had something" on Trump; something that was too serious for a lieutenant to Listen to.

Mr. Putin does not appear to be a great strategist and leader but has a lot of experience in clandestine operations and any kind of skulduggery. He has shown he will do anything to promote himself and his grandiose ideas. It does not take much of an "Einstein" to see that Trump is compromised. Putin will pull the card on Trump the moment he needs it.

So please, Mr. Christie, help make it impossible for Trump to win the Republican primary. We must not end up having the choice of a candidate compromised by the "butcher of Ukraine" and a candidate compromised by his son's shenanigans.

America and the world deserve better.

Peter Orum

St. Charles

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