Letter: View of Durham report not based on facts

Updated 6/2/2023 3:44 PM

Mr. Barone has an opinion about the Durham report that is not based on facts. The report is Mr. Durham's opinion, not based on any facts. The Mueller report had facts and proof, so people were found guilty and went to jail or got a pardon. Durham, after years of investigating, charged two people who were found to be innocent.

Trump on TV asked for Russia's help in the election and the next day the emails were released. He always sides with Putin and other autocrats over the government he was running. Crossfire Hurricane was started before the Steele report came out, so it was not the main driver of the investigation.


Fox News is the last place to go for credible information. They were just fined $787.5 million for reporting lies on the air knowing they were false. In 2015 and 2016 on TV, Trump's sons said most of their money was coming from Russia. The Trump family admits things that are over the line for most people but the right still defends them. Beats me.

The FBI and Jim Comey advised the voters that Hillary Clinton was under investigation but never mentioned that Trump was also being investigated. Looks like he might have been trying to help Trump not Hillary.

Rich Markiewicz


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