Letter: Young candidate with skills schools need

Aiden Branss is a 19-year-old who is running for the D211 school board. He is an exceptional candidate who has demonstrated financial responsibility and a strong commitment to community service. Aiden's leadership potential is evident in his involvement in various community organizations and initiatives.

His passion for education and love for his community make him the perfect candidate to represent the interests of students, parents and teachers in the local school board.

Aiden has a strong financial background as a small-business owner, which makes him a valuable asset to the D211 school board. He has worked part-time jobs since he was 16 and he has acquired the skills needed to manage finances effectively.

Aiden understands the importance of budgeting and allocating funds where they are needed most. He has a vision for how the school district can better utilize its resources to improve the education experience for students.

Aiden is also an active member of the community. He has volunteered countless hours for various initiatives, including food drives, charity events and more. He has a deep appreciation for the people in his community and has made it his mission to give back in any way he can. His dedication to community service demonstrates his commitment to making the world a better place.

Overall, Aiden is an exceptional candidate who possesses the qualities needed to make a difference in the local school board. His financial responsibility and community involvement make him the perfect candidate to represent the interests of students, parents and teachers. If elected, Aiden is sure to make a positive impact on the school district and the community as a whole.

Ureed Zaidi


Costly referendum won't boost academics

School district 120 would like to have the voters approve a $175 million referendum. Having served on a school board in the past, I understand the financial issues that our schools face.

Citizens might be unaware of the following; The administration is stating that school capacity is 1,500 students and there are currently 2,200 students enrolled. This is misleading. There have been additions over the years which increased capacity.

The community previously approved a tax increase to build a 55,000 square-foot STEM addition. This was a great addition to the school. But it was very expensive and sold under the premise that test scores would improve. I could not find any information regarding the schools improved scores online. The voters need to understand the value of that investment prior to approving any additional increases.

This referendum will be largely used for infrastructure improvements, not academics.

We need to understand what the administration has done to tighten their belt prior to going to the public for more money.

This funding request is huge and will be a burden on the average resident. According to Google the mean salary of a Mundelein resident is $62,000 whereas 54% of teachers and administrators earn more than $100,000.

They state that the cost will be spread out over three years. For a $300,000 home, the new cost will be an additional $320 in year one, $550 in year two and $690 in year three. Remember, these numbers are on top of what we are currently paying and will be used as a base for future levy increases.

Also, there are many homes in Mundelein that are worth more than $300,000 so the impact is even greater.

I am opposed to this referendum because of the high financial impact to homeowners, the lack of transparency from the administration regarding test score improvement from the prior referendum and that very little will be used for academic purposes. Please vote no.

Keith Voss


Candidate, family have history of service

I certainly agree with the notion expressed by residents that voters have two excellent choices, specifically Mr. Wehrli and Mr. White, for our next mayor, with important considerations for each candidate being their past experience working for the betterment of our community as well as their business experience for which both candidates have much to offer.

There is no question that I concur with former Councilman Joe McElroy's recent letter in the Daily Herald saying that business experience and a lifetime of community service are important factors for receiving our votes.

Additionally, I ask that voters consider that Scott Wehrli and his entire family have a long and significant history of volunteer effort assisting the city of Naperville in numerous civic areas. Obviously, that is the reason that even the casual observer notices several dozen street signs with the name "Wehrli" through our fine city.

Additionally, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Mr. Wehrli on at least one of his volunteer committees and have found him to be a person of outstanding professionalism and integrity.

Mr. Scott Wehrli will be getting my vote for Mayor on April 4th.

Allen Panek


Low taxes, concern for children are focus

I support Andrea Hegg and Brittney QuinnSopcak for Geneva school board. I ask you to write-in Andrew Whitefield for Geneva library. They will work together to keep our taxes down.

They will work together for our children and grandchildren in getting the correct literature in the hands of our kids through the schools and library. Protect our kids to build that Integrity again, to excel in academics and help make our library accessible so our community can utilize it.

I ask that you the people of Geneva, vote for them on April 4.

Kathy Showalter


Service attests to candidate's character

As a high school teacher and coach in the Northwest suburbs since 1987, I've seen hundreds of people volunteering in park district or "feeder" youth sports programs over the years. Usually they are fathers that volunteer to help out their son's team and once their son is no longer on the team, they quit volunteering. Rare is the man that coaches one of these teams without a son that's on the team.

Mark Mueller is one of those individuals. He has spent 35 years running the HEAA youth football program in Hoffman Estates. He has taught thousands of kids in this community the importance of teamwork, sacrifice, discipline and commitment to a cause. If a family of these kids could not afford to be on the team, he made sure that was not an obstacle. This attests to his character.

He has spent 28 years as a police officer in Hoffman Estates, keeping our streets safe. His commitment to the people of Hoffman Estates is the reason I will be voting for him for village trustee. If you value that type of character and commitment, I urge you to do the same.

Bill Scully

Hoffman Estates

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