Letter: Pivot to peace in Ukraine

For nine long months, those of us in the U.S. peace community have been urging negotiations instead of weapons as America's response to end the Russo Ukraine war. We understand that this war, like virtually all wars, ends in a negotiated settlement.

Our position was a lonely one. The U.S. government and corporate media, supported by a large majority of Americans, focused solely on weapons and economic sanctions to achieve a Ukraine victory. After 286 days, that policy has been a complete failure. It's led to thousands of unnecessary deaths, massive Ukraine physical destruction, devastation to its economy, with virtually no chance of success.

Besides those weapons and sanctions, the U.S. has vetoed promoting any negotiations whatsoever, claiming only Ukraine can negotiate. But with an endless U.S. weapons transmission line, Ukraine is disincentized from seeking negotiations; calling instead for direct U.S./NATO involvement to win the war. That would surely lead to a U.S., Russia nuclear confrontation. Even worse, the U.S. sabotaged a 15-point peace plan brokered by NATO member Turkey that might have ended the war early on in March.

We lonely proponents of peace instead of war are now being joined by millions of Americans. According to a recent survey by the Chicago Council for Global Affairs, support for indefinite weapons to Ukraine is now at 48%, down 10% since July. That slippage has occurred among Republicans, Democrats and independents alike. In spite of a near total ban from our government and media to debate the need for negotiations, Americans are gravitating to that position.

Time for the Biden administration to pivot to peace. If you agree, raise your voice in favor of negotiations over weapons with President Biden, your congressperson and your Senators. If millions more join the call for peace, they will be forced to listen - and to act responsibly.

Walt Zlotow, West Suburban Peace Coalition

Glen Ellyn

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