Letter: Only democracy that's dying is in Illinois

Now that election is over, the media can stop being a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and repeating their claims that a vote for a Republican will destroy democracy in our country. The events of Jan. 6 did not overturn democracy and many of the people responsible are being prosecuted. With Trump now becoming irrelevant, something like this will not happen again anytime soon.

However, democracy dying in Illinois is all too real. If anyone is interested, they should do an internet search and read the Nov. 16 Wall Street Journal article "Democracy Dies in Illinois," as it very accurately describes what is happening in our state. If anyone is concerned with a one-party state with no checks and balances, and the associated corruption like that which occurred under Madigan, they may want to consider voting for a Republican candidate when a good one is running.

And it would be good for our Illinois media to become actual journalists and report news accurately and without bias. The WSJ article concludes that none of the abuses they identify are even reported in the media. It would be refreshing to see both sides of issues accurately reported.

Michael Haase

Mount Prospect

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