Letter: Let woman decide

In response to Jack Kenesey's letter concerning the abortion issue, his thoughts and ideas centered on the rights of the fetus, the GOP, and his Catholic religion. The woman also has the right to life. The strictest abortion laws deny her that right when they don't allow for abortion in the case of toxic pregnancy conditions.

As far as the GOP, the government doesn't factor in because abortion is not an issue for politicians to decide.

Since when have politicians had any training regarding a woman's reproductive system and all of its complexities?

His third thought centered on his religion. He directed us to excerpts from "Catechism of the Catholic Church." He has every right to follow the teachings of the Catholic religion.

But he fails to consider not everyone is Catholic. There are numerous religions in this country, and those who choose no religion.

We shouldn't pass laws based on religious beliefs.

People consider practical things such as whether the pregnancy will result in a child being born into a loving home, with stable finances and mentally fit parents?

If America is going to welcome more children because of strict abortion laws, why can't we pass policies that support the women and resulting children, such as early childhood education, full-day kindergarten, paid family leave and affordable day care?

I never hear anyone talking about the responsibility of the father.

To be very clear, no one is "for abortion." They are for the right of the woman to choose. Abortion will always exist, no matter its legality.

Simply put, there is the case for a safe, legal abortion, or an illegal abortion that may result in death of mother and fetus. Check back just 50 years ago and you will see.

Cheryle Ruceis

Glen Ellyn

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