Letter: Christianity's big tent

Updated 11/29/2022 1:47 PM

Between now and 2024, Democrat and/or Republican Party leaders will remind us that they are the "Big Tent" party and y'all are welcome to come in and sit a spell -- and vote. I've noticed the same with religion, especially Christianity.

The difference is that Christian leaders, especially the high-profile ones, have a stricter mindset they expect you to support or adopt to truly be part of the flock.


Their interpretation of scripture and how it relates to everyday life is foolproof. Just ask them. But Christianity is still a big tent.

From the Christmas/Easter churchgoers to the Vatican, there's something for almost everyone. A conservative writer's recent column on former Vice President Mike Pence made me think about this. The writer said Pence "prostituted his reputation for piety" for Donald Trump, but didn't condemn a 2017 white supremacist car attack in Charlottesville or voice disapproval when Trump encouraged his followers to rough up hecklers.

In fairness, Democrats found a way to keep President Clinton in the White House after the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and I suppose we all cherry pick what we're righteous about to some degree.

Catholics don't always align with the Pope, and last Easter, shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, Vladimir Putin attended Mass Easter Sunday in Moscow; the same weekend his army burned a 19th century Ukrainian church.

Like I said, Christianity is a big tent.

Would Christianity have the same standing in America if other religions weren't as welcome?

Jim Newton


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