Letter: Consider ranked choice voting system

As a voter in Mount Prospect, I'm encouraged by Evanston's having just voted to use ranked choice voting in their town's elections. Mount Prospect would do well to follow suit.

With RCV, each voter ranks candidates in order of preference. This single upgrade to the way we currently elect candidates has several advantages:

• In our current voting system, a candidate can win with less than 50% of the vote. RCV ensures that the winner is chosen by a majority of voters and so has broad support.

• The process frees voters to choose the candidate they think will best represent them, without worrying about strategically supporting the most electable candidate. It eliminates the spoiler effect.

• RCV incentivizes candidates to appeal to the most voters possible. Candidates will be more likely to campaign positively against their opponents in an effort to secure second-choice votes from their opponents' bases. This reduces the virulent polarization we are far too much today.

RCV is gaining traction across the United States.

On Nov. 8, Alaskans used RCV in their primary and general elections for U.S. House and Senate seats. This was a significant step in voting reform. We know that the winners have the support of most of Alaska's voters. If Alaska can implement RCV statewide, surely we can adopt it at a local level.

RCV is easy. It means more choices for voters. And it means voters have a greater voice in our elections. Let's consider ranked choice voting for Mount Prospect.

Fay Costa

Mount Prospect

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