Tax-and-spend Democrat should not lead county

Springfield politicians have continued to let us down with their high tax and spending policies that have raised property taxes, gas taxes and income taxes. Now one of those career politicians wants to be our DuPage County Board Chair, Rep Deb Conroy.

As someone with personal experience with working with Deb, I can assure you she is exactly the person we do NOT want leading our county. Aside from her love of taking campaign cash from Madigian and raising taxes on DuPage families, she did something else that simply cannot be forgiven.

Deb Conroy co-sponsored HB3447 which decriminalizes drug usage for heroin and fentanyl as well as creates lenient penalties for fentanyl dealers. We need leadership that stands up and protects our children and communities, not drug dealers.

I never thought fentanyl would affect my child, until it did. We are blessed to live in a county that prioritizes law and order, has incredible schools and a great economy. We need to maintain those qualities during this election cycle.

Vote NO on Deb Conroy on her lack of leadership

Kathy Zander

Carol Stream

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