Letter: Republicans' support of Trump disgusting

To the letter writer from Grayslake: I read your piece in the Aug. 15 Daily Herald. Let's be honest about what is disgusting regarding American politics.

Disgusting is a party that continues to defend a twice impeached ex-president who has lied to the American people over 30,000 times, according to The Washington Post.

What is disgusting is Fox News continuing to amplify the lies of the Republicans. What is disgusting are people who simply will not admit they made a mistake when they voted for the Republican Party's "Liar-in-Chief." What is disgusting is Republican leadership who, out of fear, continue to give lip service to Trump and his "Big Lie."

What is disgusting is Republicans voting against climate change, clean energy efforts, Medicare's ability to negotiate prescription drug prices and a fair tax on corporations earning more than $1 billion.

What is disgusting is the lack of courage on the part of 70% of Republicans who continue to support Donald Trump despite his despicable behavior. These behaviors by Trump, Republican leaders and their followers who refuse to believe the truth, is truly disgusting.

Harry Trumfio

Arlington Heights

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