Letter: Tough road for bicyclists

Posted8/18/2022 1:00 AM

I just read a Ralph Banasiak article on bike riding. I loved riding my bike while I was younger; did it all the time. When my wife and I had two kids, we would strap them in and rode with them on the back. This was 25 years ago. I would not ride on a bike in a street now, that's for sure.

I enjoyed reading the article; however, he forgot to mention one thing. People who are on their phones and drive. You see them all the time you drive behind them and you see them swerve from side to side. They are moms, dads with kids in the car. Grams and Gramps and yes the young adults of America who can't be without their phones for a second.


When I see bikers, I try to move over at least 3 feet and give the riders room. It's hard to move over when your head is down and you are looking at a screen. So for all you who drive and use your phones, think about what you are doing. Try putting it down and unplug for a bit. You know, like we did before phones. And watch out for everything on the road.

Bill Garcia


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