Letter: Understanding climate

RE: John Zitkus' Aug. 4 letter on climate change:

First, Kurt Schlichter's cultist talking points are interesting at best. His credentials as a partner of an L.A. law firm, retired Army colonel, and a stand-up comic, are commendable, but do not make him informed.

Living in Mundelein, might make it easier to repudiate the devastation that others are experiencing.

No one is trying to control climate, only human endeavors that have an effect on climate. In 61 years, that I followed scientific data, we are seeing disasters sooner than predicted. Australia has moved citizens away from coastal areas due to sea level rise.

No articles that I have read said Florida will be under water. The Florida governor said unprecedented coastal flooding was due to rising sea levels. This will shrink livable land areas. Residents lost their flood insurance, and maybe the Florida government will back flood insurance for them.

Disney was flooded. Six tons of dead fish and manatees had to be cleaned off of the shore near Tampa Bay. Manatees are dying of raw sewage, pollution and starvation due to loss of water plants.

Salt Lake, Lake Mead, Rio Grand, Lake Powell are almost dry. Las Vegas and New Mexico are reporting 60 days of water left.

Kentucky - does anyone think those pictures are fake? We were told 60 years ago "some places will become wetter, some will become dryer."

The loss of the ice shelf that supports the life cycle of krill, which some penguins, blue whales, and other sea life rely on for survival. The penguins have already seen a 20% decline. All of this has a negative affect on the economy.

I have an ultra-low flush pressurized toilet that works great. Of course the underlying plumbing has to be done correctly, but obviously these naysayers know nothing about that.

Sandy Sanderson


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