Letter: The challenge of ending Putin's war

Updated 8/11/2022 8:56 AM

Clearly, Putin is not influenced by any phase of the war he initiated. Not the mounting deaths, not the sight of the young and old fleeing the country in search of any form of civility. Not the absolute destruction of that nation's infrastructure, schools, hospitals, housing, farms, everything.

I fear there is only one way the free world could possibly live in relative peace again, and it's a very risky idea that may understandably influence others to question my sanity. The only way I feel the war would stop, if only momentarily, is if all of the world's religious leaders and multitudes of people from all of the world's free nations would flood every part of that country. Would he dare have his troops kill us? He probably would. So, some of us would die trying to bring peace to that tortured country.


Returning to reality, I guess nothing short of a major revolution by the Russian people will enable the free world to achieve peace in Europe again. What a profound shame. Even worse. is that this nightmare is apparently a by-product of one man's ambitions.

Also tragic is the unknown amount of money being spent in this unjust war when there are so many people with extraordinary needs in our world community. For a moment, just think about all of the medicines, shelters, hospitals, schools. sanitations, food, water and much more that could have been provided to the world's poor with the money that is being spent on weapons of extraordinary destruction, A few years back, our navy accidentally lost one of its jets. I subsequently read that the cost of this single jet was $15 million. Think about it when you see all those expensive destroyed weapons of all kinds on the evening news.

Frank R. Ardito Jr.


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