Letter: Act like adults; your children are watching

Updated 8/2/2022 10:03 AM

It feels like our country is going through a divorce. And not the good kind. The division of our nation plays out at the kitchen table of our community -- the local school board.

In Elmhurst Unit District 205, it's all there. The shouting, finger-pointing and bitterness. It's ugly. And our kids are watching. I'm all for protecting children. But unless the harm is imminent and urgent, we should be respectful rather than publicly vilify individual teachers.


In my counseling practice, I've seen how a reactive, angry response by a parent usually produces a lousy outcome. It's different from apparent who approaches a challenge with confidence in their child and uses it to model their values.

Ideally, parents talk to their teens regularly about all of the information they receive: teachers, coaches, music, religious class, friends and, of course, social media. Your child is constantly bombarded with messages that probably don't align with your family's values.

Concerned parents should address the real danger. What algorithms are influencing your child? Targeted messaging occurs every day. It's a far greater threat than any teacher.

What algorithms are influencing you? We parents set the emotional tone of our children. We display our values in our treatment of others.

In reality, the influence of any curriculum is not guaranteed. It is simply one of many factors. Teachers we disagree with deserve our respect, especially when the kids are watching. And believe me, they are.

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Jeanne Kett, LCPC

Kett Counseling & Educational Services


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