Letter: Who's to blame for out-of-control inflation?

Updated 8/2/2022 10:00 AM

Imagine a tax that confiscates one-half of the purchasing power of your entire life savings in less than eight short years.

That's what the current 9.1% inflation rate is doing to you and your family's financial security.


It also cuts the purchasing power of your current wages by one-half in just eight years. Pay more, work harder, save more ... get a lot less!

Is this enough for us, as neighbors and Americans, to take action?

What's the problem, what's the cause and how do we fix it? Do we have the guts and brains to change?

Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman simplified the definition of inflation: "Too much money chasing after too few goods."

Have you had enough of higher gas prices, shocking grocery store price increases, mortgage rate increases and your life being made unnecessarily harder? All this didn't happen by accident over the last year and a half.

Every executive and legislative branch of government from Washington, D.C., to Kane County is now controlled by politically clever, radicalized Progressive Democrats. Do we have the guts and brains to change what's obviously not working?

Chris Lauzen


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