An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: Webb telescope gives only part of the picture

Updated 8/2/2022 10:00 AM

I enjoy Marc Munroe Dion's columns in the Daily Herald, but concerning the one published July 20 regarding the James Webb telescope showing forever, I must disagree. I believe those space pictures from the Webb do not show forever because forever would include the future and the Webb scope can only show us millions of light years into the past.

However, I share your belief about the universe being like an open floor plan, and your distaste of homes with no rooms. I want to be somewhere in my home and not lost in space.


To my way of thinking, there is a door to the future in our universe and we humans will open it, and what will be depends upon the choices humankind elects to make.

Therefore, to my mind, an accurate description of forever must contain views of the past, present and future. Looking back into space through the James Webb telescope is only one-third of forever. However, oh so valuable is this wonderful scientific accomplishment.

Harry Trumfio

Arlington Heights

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