Letter: Time to repeal the Second Amendment

My husband and I enjoyed the last two weeks spending time with our friend from Australia. During that time, the news was consumed with the Uvalde massacre of young children and their teachers, the negligent response of the public servants sworn to preserve and protect and the Fourth of July massacre in Highland Park.

Our friend's response is "It is all about the guns, get rid of the guns like Australia did after our mass shooting."

The explanation of the Second Amendment does not make sense to people from other countries who see a continued stubbornness and blindness of Americans to maintain a poorly interpreted and outdated amendment.

Experiences from other countries have demonstrated that gun violence and murders radically decrease when guns are removed. Guns are the problem. It is time to repeal the Second Amendment.

Right now legislation should be put forward, passed and signed to ban automatic weapons, ban high capacity magazines, require background checks and fingerprinting for all gun applications, and raise the age for all gun purchases to at least age 21. There is certainly a lot of evidence to support these minimal suggestions.

Maybe then a community will feel safe enough to send their children to school, participate in services at their local religious institution, go to a movie theater, shop for groceries, or attend a parade or outdoor music event.

The Second Amendment serves no useful purpose in our country and needs to be repealed.

Laura Davis


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