Letter: Trump is not our toughest problem

Someone please explain to me why President Trump is the most pressing problem that the Democrats see.

A gallon of gasoline is almost $6. The Biden administration's answer is to buy an electric car. In the next breath, they tell us to expect rolling brownouts and blackouts due to the condition of the electric grid.

My wife and I are seniors living on a fixed income. The price increases at the pump and in the grocery store are devastating. Between inflation and a sinking stock market, we are watching a lifetime of savings evaporate before our eyes.

By giving billions of dollars to Ukraine, President Biden is extending a war that by his admission will cause famine in parts of the world. Why isn't he trying to negotiate a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine? Or has President Biden's demonization of Mr. Putin made that impossible?

Rocket Man is living up to his reputation again. China is building military bases around the world. Murder rates are up and our southern border is a mess.

Yes, President Trump is a jerk. So what? I was far better off when he was president than I am now. I believe that our country and the world were better off also. The Biden administration may be woke, but they are totally inept at solving problems that affect average Americans or the world at large.

John Malec


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