Letter: Rolling through traffic lights unsafe

Posted6/23/2022 1:00 AM

I was horrified as I came toward the end of the June 20, 2022 The Suburbs In Transit column, "Rules for walkers, cyclists, drivers."

"Provided there is no other traffic present, I support the ability of cyclists to roll stop signs," Secretary of State candidate Alexi Giannoulias is quoted as saying. This is a simple idea that can kill.


Too often I see cars and bikes on side streets or sidewalks slow a bit when approaching a stop sign. The driver or rider takes a quick look right and left, sees no car or bike, or at least one that is very close, and keeps on going while the other driver/rider proceeds with the same idea, thinking the other operator will yield. What the young cyclist is thinking when approaching an intersection is that the car crossing his path will continue to slow and stop, so he or she can just keep on pedaling across the street (the idea apparently proposed in the article).

Signs don't stop drivers who flout the law, and kids, whether on sidewalks or in the street, too often make naive assumptions that can have serious consequences.

You didn't think it through, Mr. Giannoulias. Stop signs are placed before crosswalks for a reason. Stop and check for sidewalk and street traffic before slowly proceeding, whether on a bike, in a car, or walking.

Gerry Shacter

Buffalo Grove

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