Letter: Krishnamoorthi fights corporate wrongdoing

Updated 6/23/2022 1:04 PM

With "friends" like Raja, those big corporations don't need enemies. Along with voting to close tax loopholes, Raja has led the fight in Congress to crack down on the businesses behind dangerous products that put our families and children at risk.

Raja uses his subcommittee chairmanship to investigate corporate wrongdoers -- from the company that peddled dangerously addictive painkillers to the makers of baby foods with high levels of heavy metals. He's taken on car-seat manufacturers whose products are unsafe, and he is the leading opponent of Big Tobacco for marketing their flavored e-cigarettes to children.


In recent months, Raja has investigated the Big Oil and meatpacking companies for taking advantage of high inflation to gouge consumers with unwarranted price hikes.

The letter writer condemns congressman Krishnamoorthi for raising large amounts of campaign money. But under our lax campaign finance laws, which Raja has voted to reform, any of the corporations he's investigated could mount a multimillion-dollar campaign to unseat him.

I'm glad that our congressman has the guts to stand up to wealthy special interests on our behalf and the wherewithal to defend himself when they inevitably use their power and money to try to stop him.

Raja's opponent in the Democratic primary, Junaid Ahmed, questions the source of his campaign money. But it turns out that Ahmed has consulted for Big Oil, takes campaign contributions from employees of the same corporations he criticizes, and affiliates with a SuperPAC that spends for his benefit.

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I'm casting my vote to reelect Raja on June 28 with a very clear conscience. I know which side he's on. I can't say the same for his opponent.

Celeste C. Moran

Hoffman Estates

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