Letter: Conforti has best chance to win in November

Updated 6/20/2022 11:10 AM

I live in Glen Ellyn, which is on the Northwest corner of the new 6th congressional district. I grew up until the age of twelve in Mount Greenwood, a suburb on the Southwest side of Chicago, which just so happens to be on the far southeast side of the new congressional district.

I am very active in our local Republican organization here in DuPage County. I've met many politicians over the years and recently I've met all of the individuals running for Congress in the 6th. Being a father of two and a small-business owner, I take these elections very seriously. I understand what is at stake here and we must choose the right candidate to go against the Democrat in November.


I also understand that the amount of money a candidate has should never be a factor in my decision-making process. I judge candidates upon their credentials, how personable they are and their voting record.

After meeting all candidates running for the 6th, I came to a decision on who to support and thankfully, it was not a difficult decision. Niki Conforti is my choice.

Conforti is the clear choice due several factors.

1) She has an impeccable Republican voting record;

2) She is approachable, personable and does not view herself as being above having a one on one conversation with her voters;

3) She has excellent credentials, including her college degrees and impressive career in multiple industries, all of which are relevant to Congress;

4) She is not only a fiscal conservative but also a constitutional conservative. Right now more than ever we have to defend our rights, and she is committed to that whole heartedly;

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5) She is not a swamp politician, at least two of the current candidates are, and I will not vote for someone that cares more for the title of congressman than the duty that comes with it. These people are there because we put them there and we should never forget that. Wouldn't it be nice to send someone to Washington who makes an impact, so in two years we can look back and see how this person has fought to make our lives a little better?.

Niki Conforti can beat the Democrat in November and go on to be an effective Congresswoman who will not forsake us. This is why I would recommend voting for her to any Republican living in the 6th.

Jeff Castle

Glen Ellyn

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