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The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted6/18/2022 1:00 AM
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Keep your pets cool

Don't forget your pets when the serious summer heat hits. Temperatures are sure to climb again, and dogs need plenty of water, shorter walks and they should never be left in a car, even with the windows down. If they overheat, give them cold towels or ice packs to cool off, and make sure they have a shady place in the AC to rest. Our pets love us ... let's love them back!


Market's not all bad for young people

Noone's 401(k) is looking pretty right now, but a bear market is a good time to buy for people who aren't planning to retire soon. After all, what goes down must come up again, right? At least the stock market -- unlike, say, crypto -- has a history of growth in the long term.

OK, it's a start

It's a little disheartening to think that the minimal changes in a bipartisan gun deal announced this week -- including encouraging red-flag laws, keeping guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous people and tightening some rules on background checks -- could face a tough vote in the Senate. But the deal is at least something. Let's hope it leads to something more.

This week's Clippable Quote

"It's possible to disagree without being disagreeable." -- Sandra Day O'Connor

One less excuse

The Cook County clerk's office scratched another excuse for not voting off the list this week when it opened an early voting site at Union Station in Chicago. Suburban residents who have returned to their offices in the city can no longer can blame their time-consuming commutes for taking a pass on their civic duty.

Serious times call for serious candidates

Early in-person voting started Monday, but before you rush out to the polls, please research the candidates. Far too many running for the U.S. House and Senate parrot conspiracy theories and former President Donald Trump's "big lie" that the 2020 election was stolen. We deserve elected officials who have a firm grasp on reality.

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On the lighter side

With major festivals like Naperville's Ribfest, Libertyville Days, Blues on the Fox, Scottish Fest, Swedish Days, Taste of Des Plaines, concerts in the park, art fairs, car shows and many more back in action this weekend after two years away, summer is starting to feel a bit more normal. Finally!

It's the law -- only better

The purpose of traffic laws is to make us safer, and the purpose of fines is to enforce laws. But Lake Zurich police, partnering with an auto parts company, have found a way to do the former without the sting of the latter. They're passing out gift cards instead of tickets to motorists whose vehicles need safety repairs. It's a win for everybody.

And, yes, it's marketing

We have no illusions about the profit motive behind Advance Auto's project with Lake Zurich and other police departments. But, that's hardly offensive. Hopefully, in the true spirit of capitalism, competitors in the auto parts business will jump on board and expand the program further.

Cause for celebration

Dads. Freedom. The coincidence tomorrow of Father's Day and the year-old Juneteenth state and national holiday lends a special sense of celebration to both holidays this year. Happy Father's Day, dads. Happy Juneteenth to all.

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