Letter: County clerk does not deserve the job

Updated 6/13/2022 11:47 AM

The Daily Herald article on May 21 established the implicit negligence of DuPage County Clerk, Jean Kaczmarek, a Democrat, which deprived DuPage County from collecting an estimated $4,000,000 dollars in revenues from the 3% tax to be imposed upon the municipal sales of recreational marijuana, resulting from her office's failure to submit the proper paperwork (to be certified by Kaczmarek herself) to the state of Illinois, pursuant to the county ordinance. Although the county did receive minimal cannabis use tax dollars from the state, it's understandable that the county didn't detect the failure in collecting extra tax revenue for over a year.

The DuPage County Board Chairman, a Republican, and Vice Chairwoman, a Democrat, sent Kaczmarek a written invitation to attend the following county board meeting to discuss her office's standard operating procedure in handling such matters, so that any similar situations can be avoided by her office. However, Kaczmarek refused to attend that bipartisan-recommended meeting.


This is extreme arrogance demonstrated by Kaczmarek, who swore an oath to faithfully carry out the duties of Kaczmarek doesn't deserve to be reelected in November.

James Norris

Downers Grove

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