Letter: Understand county's 'three-ring circus'

No one needs to look further than the center ring to unravel the "circus of blame" that DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin referred to in his remarks at the May 24 meeting. The three-ring circus of DuPage County government, complete with its many sideshows has obfuscated the core of its operations for decades. Citizens only needed to keep focused on the amazing acts going on in the other rings.

Until recently, the county government was an exclusive club with unwritten rules regarding membership (white Republican men only need apply). With the changing times, voters have realized that they have options and legislation has made employment decisions more equitable.

In the past, it was taboo to point fingers at other club members. If there was an issue, the subject was changed. For example, the DuPage Election Commission was totally blamed for an election night debacle that was created by the lack of resources provided by the County Board.

How convenient was it that a Democrat was elected as county clerk in 2018? The establishment had a perfect scapegoat. They abolished the Election Commission and moved it under the responsibility of a new county clerk with no implementation plan during an active election cycle.

How convenient is it to blame Democratic members for being "political" when they ask questions and bring issues to light? I guess every attempt to undercut the county clerk wasn't political. I guess the disrespectful eyerolls by Republican board members when a female board member offered a suggestion or asked a question wasn't political.

Clerk Kaczmarek should be applauded for modernizing the election operations to a 21st Century standard. More should be done to bring more efficiency and transparency to all county operations. The buck stops in the center ring.

Kim Savage


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