Be aware of what is happening to GOP

I used to be a Republican when the party was mostly normal and ane. Here are only a few recent examples hard to explain.

An election law championed by Florida Gov. DeSantis will make it harder to vote by limiting drop box sites, penalizing ballot collections and prohibiting "line warming" practices, such as offering water or chairs for voters waiting in line outside polling places.

In other words, to vote, there will be fewer voting machines in certain areas, causing longer lines and resulting in hours of standing for your right to vote, making it harder for seniors or folks with medical conditions - apparently in the in hope they will leave.

Also Gov. Desantis along with two Republican senators Rubio and Scott not only are pro-life, which is respectfully their right, but proclaim that even if you are raped, you still must have the baby. What a double slap against women.

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper under the Trump administration said Trump asked him about peaceful George Floyd protesters, "Can't we just shoot them or in the legs or something?" Esper also said Trump proposed the U.S. launch Patriot missiles into Mexico to destroy drug labs. If these are not maniacal fascist tendencies, then what is?

Recap: Let's make it hard for Americans to vote (the No. 1 thing our country was founded on) and shoot those peacefully protesting, which is an American right.

Polls show both Desantis and Trump are leading or favored to be the Republican nominee for president. I remember when Republican conservative patriots like Bob Doyle and John McCain cared about people.

There seem to be very few normal, sane ones in the party now. Let's not support autocrats or dictator wannabees. Be aware of what's happening in America.

Michael Kepraios

Buffalo Grove

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