Letter: Understand today's media landscape

Updated 5/16/2022 4:17 PM

Bob Janz' recent letter to the editor made me sad when I realized how badly misinformed and how narrow his viewpoints are. In his letter, he cites all the conservative-leaning news outlets he considers as broadcasting misinformation, claiming it all caused riots, injuries and even death.

There's no shortage of lying from both sides of the political spectrum, but Janz misses the mark on two salient points.


First, the major news outlets are not so major anymore - young people get their "news" from the internet and social media, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. not legacy media like TV, radio, or newspapers anymore. Second, the few people that still watch those legacy media outlets are primarily older folks who are not going to be found rioting in the streets.

Finally, there's lying and then there's simply not reporting real news when it conflicts with the party narrative. The Hunter Biden laptop story for example was ignored, laughed at and pooh-poohed by all the left-leaning news outlets, but recently even The New York Times has had to admit it's a real story and it really happened.

John Becker

Downers Grove

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