Skip the theatrics; focus on qualifications

Updated 5/13/2022 9:08 AM

The first time I saw Alexi Giannoulias's television ad my sound was off. I thought he was promoting a youth basketball league.

The second time I understood he is running for Secretary of State, but his credentials seem to be that he coaches children's basketball.


I suspect he may be using the same advertising agency that tells us to use one particular attorney because he reads books to children at the library or the other attorney whose ad focuses on the fact he ties his necktie knot up tight.

And now some other candidate (forgive me, his name doesn't register) explains taxation economics using first-graders as his "prop."

I guess I am just too cynical or too old to be swayed by theatrics, but I will follow the facts in deciding who I will vote for and ignore their appeal to grade school children.

Larry Schneider


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